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Waaay Too Much Junk Email = Lost Emails?

Take a look at how many unread emails I have!  That’s almost two thousand emails in 3 days. My Junk Folder is incredibly large with nearly forty thousand emails.  Even assuming that 99% of them really are spam, that means that 1% of them may be legitimate emails from people who have taken the time …Continue reading

I Saved My Mom From A Work From Home Scam & What Everyone Should Know To Protect Themselves

My mom called me up last night and asked me if I could call a phone number for her to see if it was a legitimate home business opportunity. She knows that I work at home and that I have had months where I made more in one month than she made all year at …Continue reading

If You Want More Money & More Time, Change These 5 Things In Your Life

What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail? -Robert Schuller I talk to many people who are seeking a change in their life. They want more money and they want more time with their friends and family. They often find themselves on the net searching for something that will give …Continue reading